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Derrick was introduced to real estate investing back in 2017 by way of a family friend that was doing fixing and flip  projects. He also had been told by several other colleagues that real estate investing was the way to establish wealth. Already armed with an interest in various investment vehicles he'd learned about Warren Buffett's success through the methods and processes of how he invested. Also also by Rich Dad Poor Dad and several other books. His goal was to better understand the numbers, the  concepts and potential return of real estate investments. This drove Derrick to review the status of his own investment portfolio and found that it was not where he wanted it to be hence a real estate investor was born.




 Derrick has worked for 17 years at the world's top 3 fortune 500 logistic companies with the added responsibility of managing federal mandated health and safety certificates of various employees for a 5 year period.  He oversaw the educational and training element in this role for his team. In these 5 years Derrick and his team were able to accomplish and maintain the highest key performers metric ratings in the state of Alabama above all other hubs. Derrick is known for his great ability to connect with others, building and maintaining long term relationships in his personal and professional business.  Working for one of the best logistics companies in the world has afforded Derrick the opportunity to complete many valuable leadership health and safety compliance trainings much trainings.



Personal Life:

Derrick is a mentor for students in his real estate community helping them to overcome their fears to develop processes and skills to succeed. Derrick and his family have a long ties to a local community center near his home that he enjoys volunteering and fun raising for. Derrick has been married for 17 years with 3 beautiful children 2 boys and a beautiful baby girl