"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela


Our infant program is filled with advanced learning practices of numbers, letters, and color recognition before age 12 months. It’s also designed to provide each child with a safe and nurturing environment that will stimulate fine and gross motor skills in an accelerated fashion. Teachers actively chart the development of each child along with ASQ's providing parents with daily, weekly, and milestone communication in addition to the child’s daily personal care routine and progress.  In an effort to prepare the children for the toddlers program, early potty training  is introduced as well as guided play to expose the children to gross and fine motor skills as well as sit-ins to class instruction dealing with letter recognition, sight word identification, and math.



STEAM lesson plans through hands on play,  and traditional learning techniques . This curriculum provides a strong vocabulary and subject matter enriched base so that literary skills may also be enhanced.  It also helps in the identification of the individual child's best approach to learning (whether best through games, hands-on, or lesson guided) In the program, Kids are being academically prepared before age 5 so they can concentrate on the transition to school, not whether or not they are preparedand assist with any issues beforehand.  



Our Pre-K programs curriculum introduces several learning concepts such as literacy, math, and critical thinking skills as well. Vocabulary development is very important at this stage too, as children will begin to learn the art of writing. The classrooms are organized into centers such as reading, science, math, and writing. Furthermore, children are exposed to a print-rich environment, which allows students to associate written language to oral language. Parents are fully aware of their child’s academic progress through quarterly assessment tools and parent- teacher conferences.

School Age